4 Best Parades In Louisville

4 best parades in louisville

I love parades. And growing up in California, I have fond memories of the Rose Bowl parade.

Fortunately, Louisville is a good parade city. So let’s talk parades today, with my Top 4 Louisville Parades. I won’t attempt to rank them — I’ll list them in chronological order from now:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
This is a fun holiday, and a fun parade. Your kids will leave with bags and bags of candy and tons of beads. Let’s just say the Montgomery kids come away with enough beads for a make-believe treasure chest every year.

Pegasus Parade
We always make sure we’re in town for this parade. It’s just a couple blocks from our house, so we can walk there. And the Pegasus Parade is a great metaphor for the city of Louisville: Big, but manageable. There’s floats, marching bands, vendors, and everything you want in a parade.

Kentucky Art Car Parade
This one is wild. You’ll see cars decorated with everything from army figures to bottle caps to coins — odd, funny cars.

Zombie Attack Walk Parade
Aren’t you proud you live in the city with the largest zombie parade in the United States? By its very nature this one is PG-13. I wouldn’t take your small kids. But it’s quirky and fun. Not to mention, it’s a great metaphor for how people live everyday, until they’ve died to sin and risen to new life in Christ.

  • What’s your favorite parade in the Louisville area?
  • Did I miss one?
  • Should Sojourn represent in a parade?
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