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From New York To Georgia, It’s Sojourn Network Assessment Day

It’s Assessment Day for Sojourn Network, our church-planting network. Our hope during this Assessment Day is that we find the right people to fit into this network, so we can multiply the vision of seeing not just more churches, but better churches.

So what does that mean? It means that godly pastors and their wives have come to be assessed by Pastor Brian, Pastor Kevin, myself and other Sojourn Network leaders to see if they would be a good fit for partnering with us in our network. They’ve come from different areas of the U.S., from New York City to south Georgia.

We want these men to succeed in spreading the gospel and working with us to plant more churches. We certainly aren’t the only church planting network, which is one reason we do assessments. We desire candidates who will thrive in our ministry culture and who share our vision and values.

Pray for the four men undergoing assessment today, and pray for your pastors and all who are involved. From the start of Sojourn’s existence I’ve said that we desire to be a church that plants churches and multiplies itself. It’s exciting to see how God has been working through Sojourn Network, and to know that this is only the beginning.

And as I said Sunday, pray that God continues to raise up people around the world and from within our own midst — not just planters but all God’s people, and not just with giving but with going.

Our Presence, God’s Power pt. 1

This past Sunday we celebrated the launch of St. Vincent’s. If you didn’t get to attend and you haven’t seen the photos taken by our great photography servants, check them out here.

But I don’t want to miss the chance to celebrate one other thing that occurred this weekend — our latest Medical Clinic, at The 930.

Together we served 200 neighbors, 80% of whom walked to the clinic. We preached the gospel, showed hospitality, and we provided a meal as well as free over-the-counter medicine, clothing and reading glasses. 155 of these guests asked that we contact them or pray for them. Praise God for these open doors.

This medical clinic marked the first time that we offered free dental exams, cleaning and tooth extractions.12 cleanings. Our volunteer dental workers provided:

  • 8 x-rays
  • 7 extractions

Most of us know how expensive dental care can be, and how much pain you can feel when you have a tooth that needs to come out. I’m so thankful for these dentists and assistants who provided their services for free.

Finally, here are couple comments from guests that particularly blessed me:

“You ministered to my spirit, thank you.”  — from a woman in a local recovery program.

“I adore all that this is…” referring to Sojourn.

Thank you, Sojourn. Thanks to the 200 of you who served with us, and all who donated items and passed out flyers throughout Smoketown, Germantown and Shelby Park. I long to see more in the future here, just as I long to see medical clinics in New Albany, J-Town and East Louisville. The Great Physician is calling us to bring more healing to more people, in more places.

  • If you have a story to share, leave me a comment here!



Photo Blog: First Sunday At St. Vincent’s

Today I’m tired, but it’s a good kind of tired. Yesterday we saw the first fruits of a 3-year vision to remodel and reopen the historic St. Vincent’s church in Louisville’s inner city.
First, hundreds of you came to our Open House on Saturday night:
This was also the opening reception for our first gallery exhibit in the new St. Vincent’s gallery, Lovetown, P.A.:
And Midtown Pastor Chad Lewis performed his original songs in concert:
Then Sunday, 2200 Sojourners and neighbors in Shelby Park, Germantown and Smoketown attended our four worship services:
This is 700-800 more than our typical Sunday attendance at our old worship space, The 930″
The view from the balcony:
I can’t express how good it felt to hear so many of you singing together, and to join my own voice in praise to God:
Nor can I adequately express the great honor in preaching to so many of you at once:
We’ve bathed this vision in prayer from the start, and we continued yesterday:
Sojourn Midtown - 26Aug2012 - 7 PM - 02
Locking arms and joining hands, by the hundreds:
Sojourn Midtown - 26Aug2012 - 7 PM - 08
A special thanks to each and everyone who served yesterday: parking, greeting, communion, SojournKids and more — it takes a community to serve a community:
Sojourn Midtown - 26Aug2012 - 7 PM - 03
What do you say we do it again next week — same time, same place:
We’re here to stay, Shelby Park:
We’ll honor the past of this building:
Even as we remember Christ’s sacrifice for us and take the common meal together, which Christians have celebrated for 2000 years:
Sojourn Midtown - 26Aug2012 - 7 PM - 05
Just as our children will continue to do, after we’re gone:

Photos courtesy Chuck HeekeBrad Weir, Matt Herp, and David Alan Kidd.

A Building Worthy Of Buzz — Your Chance To Be A Part Of History

The waiting is almost over. For nearly three years we’ve been praying, casting vision and doing the hard work of restoring and improving upon the former St. Vincent’s de Paul cathedral at Oak and Shelby. Tomorrow, we open up this new home for Sojourn Midtown from 7-9pm for an open house. Then Sunday, we begin worshiping there together at our four Midtown services (9am, 11:15am, 5pm and 7pm).

You’re invited. Everyone you know is invited. Shelby Park, Smoketown, Germantown and all of Louisville are invited. This is a building worthy of buzz, so spread this post like crazy through Facebook, Twitter, email and wherever else you go online. Then call your friends on the phone. Then knock on your neighbor’s door.

Since the late 1800’s, thousands of people have worshiped in St. Vincent’s. Thousands have celebrated the birth of children there, have witnessed the union of marriages there, have mourned the passing of loved ones there. But in 1996, silence overtook St. Vincent’s. The building sat in disrepair while congregants continued the trend of decades, moving to suburban churches or leaving worship gatherings all together.

And now out of nothing, God brings something new.

  • Life, where there was death.
  • Music, where there was stillness.
  • Beauty, where there was decay.
  • Open Bibles, open hearts and gospel proclamation, where there were closed doors and silence.

Join me this Sunday, as God allows us to step into the story of all He promises to do in this neighborhood.

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” — Revelation 21:5

Community In Action: Partying In Louisville’s South End

We’ve often said that if you want to experience true, deep community at Sojourn, you should join a community group. Our community groups not only provide friendship, accountability and care for members, but they are working for the peace of this city in many ways, day in and day out.

Last Saturday, six groups in Louisville’s South End got together and threw a block party. Not only did they extend hospitality to their neighbors, but they raised $350 to buy 59 backpacks to give away to kids going back to school. Not only that, but 70 of their neighbors came to the block party. 30 people filled out a registration card to get a free backpack, and over half of them expressed interest in being contacted by Sojourn.

One of the families who attended had arrived in the U.S. from Burma just two weeks ago. This block party provided them with their first taste of hot dogs!

I’d like to give a special shout out to Danny Loeschen, the coach for our South Louisville community groups. Danny shows great leadership and vision. And thanks to everyone in these groups. You are a model for all of us to follow.

If you’re looking for a good “first step” for how your community group can extend hospitality and mercy to others, you can “adopt the medical clinic” this Saturday. Get all the details on how to do that right here.

Do you have a story about a community group that has recently gone “on mission” in your neighborhood?

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