Be Generous! For He Has Risen

For 40 days, we journeyed together through Lent.

  • We acknowledged that we all have a date with death
  • We confessed our sinful state
  • We reflected on the betrayal, torture and death Christ suffered in our stead.

Then Sunday, we celebrated an empty tomb, a stone rolled away, a risen Savior.

Wouldn’t you say Christ lavished gifts upon us? Wouldn’t you say He paid a debt He did not owe, because we owed a debt we could not pay?¬†Let’s be a generous people, because He has risen. The wages of sin is death but Christ has “overcome our economy,” in the words of John Mark McMillan.

For some of you this might just mean being¬†generous with your time, because you are broke. It might mean mowing your neighbor’s lawn or serving in our Sunday children’s ministry.

For others it will mean committing your dollars to the vision of this church, or even just beginning to give regularly for the first time or to give more generously.

And for the rest of you, it may mean dreaming big: how can you show radical generosity to all around you, in gratitude for the unfathomable generosity Christ has shown you?

What are some ways we can be generous, regardless of how much we earn or where we are in life?


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