My Prayer For Passion Week

It’s Passion Week around the world. The root of “passion” is literally “affected by.” It’s the difference between dry, religious ritual and a true spirituality which doesn’t settle for anything less than hearts that are amazed by the grace of God.

To participate in Passion Week is to say “Lord, stir my heart in remembrance of what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you’ve promised to do.” This week is an opportunity to reflect and be overwhelmed at the thought that nothing stopped Jesus from going to the cross, nothing could keep him buried in the tomb, and that through it all, Jesus would have nothing to do with empty religion.

  • He prayed “blood prayers” for us (Luke 22:44).
  • On the eve of being betrayed he even broke bread with those who would abandon him.

My prayer for this week: Lord stir my heart and fill my mind with the reality of your sacrifice and the wonder of your forgiveness and love. May it result in these feet carrying the gospel, and these hands reaching the needy.

Don’t settle for going through the motions. Pray that God would take these moments and work them into our hearts. And pray for our Good Friday and Easter services, that God would use these to deepen our love for Him.

What is your prayer for passion week?

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