The Leadership Vacuum and the Local Church

Bruce Miller of Leadership Network¬†a mentor of mine. I’m honored to learn from him and others in the Leadership Network ministry, which¬†recently featured an interview with me about Sojourn’s Pastor’s School, written by Warren Bird.

Bruce’s book The Leadership Baton should be required reading for all leaders. As a small sample, let me share this quote from the book with you:

Churches all over the world suffer from a serious leadership vacuum. We know, though, that local churches can and should be the most productive soil in which to grow leaders. Doing what we are describing in this book is not easy, but it is central to our mission as Christians. Participating in the process of building churches that build leaders is potentially the most fruitful and fulfilling work you will ever do.

  • Is there a leadership vacuum in many churches?
  • What can the local church do to develop leaders?
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One Response to “The Leadership Vacuum and the Local Church”

  1. Brandyn Cahill March 14, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    To be honest what churches can do to train up leaders is look to Sojourn (I’m trying to not be partial), a pastor/preacher/deacon does not need a degree to do God’s calling. Sure he needs to be a man (deacon includes women) who is learned, reads on his own time, owns up to not knowing what he is doing most of the time and rely on God’s wisdom, guidance, and strength, and needs to be someone who is passionate about God. This comes through mentorship, training to read well and analyze honestly, to serve with reverence towards God and those who are in desperate need, and many other things (I am no pastor, who am I?!). Sojourn provides the Pastor School which achieves all those things, and Sojourn is a church that gets it, “this guy/gal doesn’t need a degree to answer God’s call!”. To those churches that do require a degree only serve to frustrate the called (leading to great discouragement) though God will surely use this to the betterment of His people, His plan of getting glory, and to this called persons soul.

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